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Honorary Membership in ARA was awarded to:


Prof. Emanuele Degennaro, Rector of University "LIBERÀ MEDITERRANEA" JEAN MONNET, Bari, Italy



Emeritus Membership in ARA was awarded to:


Prof. Dr. Ing. Adriana Nastase - Aachen, Germany

Acad. Alexandru Balaban - Texas, USA

Dr. Carmen Sabau - Chicago, USA

Dr. George Roca - Sidney, Australia



The "Prof. Dr. Mircea Sabau" ARA Awards for Excellence in Physics/Chemistry was presented to:


Dr. Catalina Oana Curceanu - Italy



The annual ARA Awards were presented to:


Prof. Antonello Garzoni - Italy
Prof. Domenico Morrone - ARA Member, Italy
Dr. Dorin Stoica - ARA Member, Canada
Dr. Felice Gnagnarella - ARA Member, Italy
Prof. Francesco Manfredi - Italy
Dr. Francesco Morrone - Italy
Dr. Gabriele Reccia - Italy
Dr. Isabelle Carmen Sabau - ARA Member, USA


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