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The annual ARA Excellence Awards were presented to:


Dr. Adrian Stoica - ARA Full Member, USA

Dr. Virgil Adumotroaie - JPL, NASA, USA

Dr. Stela and John Cepoi - ARA Full Mmebers. USA


"Prof. Dr.Mircea Sabau" ARA Awards for Excellence in Physics/Chemistry was awarded to:


Dr. Ioan Opris - USA


ARA Award of Ecellence in Sciences was presented to:


Matthew M. OMBABA, Ruxandra VIDU, Logeeswaran V. JAYARAMAN, Mark TRIPLETT, Jonathan HSU and M. Saif ISLAM, for their outstanding paper titled “Seamless Integration of an Elastomer with Electrode

Matrix and its In-Situ Conversion into a Solid State Electrolyte for Robust Li-Ion Batteries”,

published in Advanced Functional Materials (2013).


Dr. Marius Enachescu, for his outstanding book chapter titled “Nanoscale Effects of Friction, Adhesion and Electrical Conduction in AFM Experiments”, published in the book titled: "Atomic Force Microscopy – Imaging, Measuring and Manipulating Surfaces at the Atomic Scale", published by INTECH (2012).


ARA Award of Ecellence in Arts was presented to:


Alexandru Darida


Emeritus Membership in ARA


Prof. Dr. Domnita Dumitrescu

Prof. Dr. Monica Grecu

Dr. Dino TUDOR



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