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About Us

Who are we?

​ARA was founded in 1975 in California by a group of Romanian intellectuals residing in USA. Every year, ARA organizes a Congress that provides an open forum for intellectuals to present their ideas and achievements in fields such as literature, philosophy, medicine, social sciences, arts, engineering, mathematics, physics, and chemistry etc.The highlight of the annual congress is its Proceedings which is published on an annual basis.


Since 1975, ARA has had Honorary members amongst very well known personalities like: the writers Eugen Ionesco and Virgil 

Gheorghiu, the philosopher Mircea Eliade or presentely the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, Prof. George E. Palade and the Romanian astronaut Dr. Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu. Some of the invaluable members have passed away but the legacy they left is still alive and cherished by ARA, its members, their families, and all of their friends.


Today, ARA has a dedicated following of about 63 Honorary Members, 80 Full Members, 80 Corresponding Members, 7 Affiliated Members and 7 Benefactors. Their valuable support is a great asset for ARA.


The areas of activity that ARA is presently involved in include :

  • Law

  • Politics 

  • Philosophy

  • Theology

  • History

  • Anthropology

  • Linguistics

  • Literature 

  • Economy

  • Environment

  • Biology

  • Medicine

  • Engineering

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

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