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the 40th ARA Congress


Thursday, July 28, 2016 – Sunday, July 31, 2016


Chairman: Dr. Ala Mindicanu

ARA 40th Keynote Speaker

Jacques Bouchard

Refined Attic Greek: Hallmark of the Emerging Phanariot Nobility

Ana Gutu

Les problèmes identitaires en République de MoldAVIE – approche  linguistique 


ARA 40th Invited Speaker

Doina Guzun, Dorin Dusciac, Ala Mindicanu, Sandra Ayad, Frédéric Boisard

Negative effects of massive emigration originating from the Republic of Moldova 

Soare Antoine

Poésie et palindrome. Avec quelques exemples en roumain

Ana R. Chelariu

From the Indo-European Trickster to the Romanian Păcală; a comparative study

Ioana Ionel

Traian Vuia’s contribution to the development of propulsive power

Mihaela Leonida

Green Methods Used to Enhance Enzymes

Ruxandra Botez 

Advances in Aircraft Modeling and Simulation Methodologies 

Marius Enachescu 

Nanotechnology - Implications in the New Age

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