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42st ARA Congress location:


1 Mihail Kogălniceanu,

400084, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA



University Hotel of UBB


Iuliu Haţieganu Park, )


The accommodation is offered in good conditions at the University Hotel of UBB (Babes Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoc, UNIVERSITAS Hotel, Iuliu Haţieganu Park, ). Unfortunately, it is quite far from the location of the congress sessions (the distance cannot be crossed on foot), but we try to get a bus / minibus transport to the congress sites and back, of course only if there are sufficient applicants and interest assumed for this offer.


We were assured that there is also a good public transport system that can be used.

The city of Cluj Napoca benefits of course over superior quality and centrally located hotels, but the prices are higher, and the free rooms are not easy to reserve, for a larger group, as the ARA42 Congress participants. During the congress, a well known film festival (Transylvania Film Festival), which traditionally gathers participants from all over the country and beyond, will start, so it is very likely that choosing a location, other than the one we offer and/or postponing the reservation in the university hotel, will lead to major costs or even the lack of accommodation finally. Other accommodations in Cluj can be find here.

It is also important to know that the first festive dinner (Transylvanian dinner on Thursday, May 24, 2018) will take place in a location/restuarant close to this proposed UNIVERSITAS hotel.

Another important aspect is that choosing this hotel, all participants might stay together and mingle and socializing, exchanging ideas and business cards will be much more easy and efficient.

The rooms of the UNIVERSITAS hotel have TV, wireless internet, a hair dryer can be obtained from the reception, but all have their own bathroom, and good accommodation offer. The indicated rates do not include breakfast. Breakfast can be served, if separately paid/booked, at a modest cost of 15 lei / person (informative price at this moment), in the student canteen next, in the Swedish buffet (at 10 m from the hotel). 

The room costs are shown in the table below. It is, however, very likely that they will suffer an increase due to the current conditions and the tendency of higher prices for utilities and consumer goods. Presently, 30 double rooms and 5 single rooms have been reserved for the ARA42 congress participants. The reservation, if not confirmed by the interested persons, will be lost (after April 27, 2018). Only those who confirm and book a reservation up to April, 27, by sending an e-mail confirmation, will have a confirmed reservation. The distribution of the rooms occurs according to the rule first confirmed - the first served. Unfortunately, we have not yet found an online or direct payment solution to an UBB account, in advance, but we have been generously proposed by the UBB leadership to keep our rooms firmly booked, if we confirm them by April 27, 2018. Confirmation data will be sent to following addresses:,  and,

by filling in and ATACHING the following table/FILE.

Thus all ARA42 Congress participants are welcome sending an e-mail entitled "Reservation CONGRESS ACCOMMODATION ARA42- NAME" containing the following concretely filled in information (confirmation by tick or YES, and completion of concrete data):

Download table file: .doc or PDF









































Other important sites for your information can be accessed using following links, if interested:

For learning about the host university – Universitatea Babes Bolyai - the most famous from Romania:


For learning about Cluj Napoca municipality and neighborhoods sightseeings’:


For founding out the weather forecast during the event and not only:


For analyzing the on line exchange rate from the national Romanian bank (BNR):


For other entertainment and cultural opportunities and the Botanic Garden of the Babes Bolyai University, proposed s free optional offer for the last day of the Congress, Saturday, 26 May, 2018:


Information about the international Cluj Napoca airport information:


Information about the railway transport Cluj Napoca main station (Gara CFR):


Information about the Bus stations (Autogari) from Cluj Napoca:







the 42nd ARA Congress


Wednesday May 23 - Saturday May 26, 2018


Chairman: Dr. Dan FORNADE

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