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the 41st ARA Congress

July 19-July 22, 2017

UNIVERSITY OF CRAIOVA, Strada A. I. Cuza No.13, Craiova, RO-200585, ROMANIA

It is a distinct pleasure to invite you  to the 41st ARA Congress, which will be held in Craiova, Romania, July 19-22, 2017. Intellectuals of  Romanian descent from all around the world, and friends of Romania of all nationalities, will meet to discuss recent contributions to art and science. In addition, workshops and panel discussions will present revolutionary ideas in technology, arts, and other fields that mark our lives and shape our future.  Please join us. 














ARA President,

Prof. Ruxandra VIDU, PhD

University of California,  Davis, USA

Honorary Professor, University Politehnica Bucharest,

Key Reader Metallurgical and Materials Transactions

Nanotechnology Topic Editor, Frontiers

Fulbright Alumni











41st ARA Congress Chair

ARA Director, Canada

Prof. Ruxandra Mihaela BOTEZ, PhD

     Full Professor, Eng, ETS, Canada

1100 Notre Dame West, Montreal, Que., Canada, H3C1K3.

Head of the Applied Research Laboratory in Active Controls,    

     Avionics and AeroServoElasticity LARCASE

Canada Research Chair Holder Level 1 (Senior) in Aircraft

     Modeling and Simulation Technologies

  Editor-in-Chief, INCAS Bulletin (INCAS, the National Institute for Aerospace Research, Bucharest, Romania)

     AIAA Associate Fellow

     Elie Carafoli INCAS Bulletin

     Associate Invited Professor at University of Craiova, Romania

     ETS, 1100 Notre Dame West, Montreal, Que., Canada, H3C1K3












President of the American Romaniana Academy of Arts and Sciences
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